Lessons and Riding Instruction

MerryMount teaches the English "Hunt Seat," and has an established reputation as an excellent teaching barn. Lessons are taught to riders of all ages and levels of proficiency. Competent instructors teach in private, semi-private or group formats.

MerryMount uses a unique system in its group lessons of advancing students at their own rate rather than requiring that they conform to the group. All riders who master the material being taught at a particular level will be moved onto the next level.

Beginner lessons teach basic riding skills and also stress the capable handling of the horse, tacking, grooming and safety. Our more advanced students may pursue an interest in showing, often using our school horses in local shows.

See our Rates/Fees page for lesson costs.


Enrollment Policy

All lesson fees are due on the first lesson day of each calendar month. For those paying on the three month plan, fees are due on the first lesson day of each third month.

We do not accept partial payment for the month. Monthly fees are due in full. All monies received are applicable to the lesson fee, but not refundable.

We do not enroll students, or accept payment for less than a month’s period.

Make-Up Policy

We will grant a make-up lesson in another group that is on, or about, the same level for those students who miss a regular lesson and let us know ahead of time. Students must schedule these make-ups with the office and cancel them the same way if something prevents attendance.

We like the make-ups taken as soon as possible, but we will hold them on the books for three months as the student is enrolled and paid up. Make-ups are forfeit for those students no longer enrolled and paid in a calendar month. Students may not make up in their regular lesson hour. Students may not make up in a calendar month for which they have not paid.