Merry Mount Equestrian Teams

Merry Mount fields three Equitation Teams, two of which are members of the National Capitol Equitation League (NCEL). Both the 'A' and 'B' teams are comprised of eight (8) members who must be enrolled as students and be under the age of eighteen (18). Similarly, Merry Mount sponsors an adult team that competes in the National Capitol Adult Equestrian League (NCAEL). Team members must be over thirty (30) years of age. All teams are chosen by judged competitive tryouts. Throughout the winter months, the teams travel and host competitions with other schools accumulating points for their team. At the year end "Final Meet", championships are decided and trophies are awarded to the high point school and riders.


Merry Mount takes students to away shows (with either our school horses, or their own mounts) in our nine horse trailer. The shows range from fairly close non rated schooling shows to Nationally recognized "A" rated events. (Availability posted before each event or series).

Worker Program

During the school year, Merry Mount sponsors a Saturday youth worker program. The program participants are our advanced-beginner and above students, chosen for their reliability, work ethic and desire to develop equine care and barn management skills. Youth workers spend the day working at the center, assisting less experienced students preparing for lessons, cleaning and maintaining the barn, caring for horses, and helping instructors. In exchange, they receive an additional group lesson at the end of the day.